Shri Subhas Sikdar


Tripura Legislative Assembly




1. Name                                  :-              SHRI  SUBHAS SIKDAR

(In block letters)

2. Father’s Name                   :-              Lt. Sailesh Chandra Sikdar

3. Mother’s Name                  :-              Lt. Juthika Sikdar

4. Date of Birth                      :-              04/01/1956

5. Place of Birth                    :-              Shillong

6. Marital Status                   :-              Married

7. Spouse Name                     :-              Smt. Banani Sikdar

8. No. of Son(s)                      :-              1 (One)

9. No. of Daughter(s)            :-              1 (One)

10. Educational Qualification :-         B.Sc. , LLB

11. Profession                         :-              Retired from Tripura Judicial Service

12. Permanent Address        :-              Dutta Kutir Lane, Krishnanagar Main Road, Near Sanghati Club

      With Contact No.                             Agartala- 799001.

                                                                       Mobile- 9436465474 / 7005517572, Land- 0382334608

13. Present  Address             :-              -Do-

      With Contact No.

14. Positions held                 :-              1) District & Session Judge, West Tripura, Agartala.

                                                                   2) Director, Tripura Judicial Academy, High Court of Tripura.

                                                                   3) Guest Lecturer, Police Training Academy, Tripura.

 15. Hobbies                            :-              Reading diverse subjects.  

 16. Social Activities           :-              Rendering advice, often legal to people and also extending financial help to

                                                                   one requiring it.

 17. Countries Visited            :-           None

18. Any other information  :-           Fond of travelling and mixing with different people. Also enjoys food of different

                                                                   taste and variety in different parts of the country.


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